Rehabilitation continues at home

Neurological rehabilitation unfortunately does not happen by itself, it is usually hard work for the patient. Physical rehabilitation requires a lot of diligence, will and constant repetition for the brain to learn. Therapy sessions alone are usually not enough. Therefore, many rehab clinics encourage self-training during the inpatient stay and give their patients “homework” upon discharge.

The goal of the following videos is to motivate sufferers to continue practicing and to support their family members or friends in providing care and therapy sessions at home.

The exercises in the videos are performed by physical therapists and occupational therapists. Based on these instructions, the exercises can be performed together at home in daily life.

Videos – exercises at home

The order of the exercises has been chosen according to the usual sequence of recovery – starting with mobilization to patient transfer, from lying to sitting to standing, to advanced rehabilitation exercises such as walking or climbing stairs.

female stroke patient with wheelchair

Help with chronic consequences

Even after long rehabilitation stays and a lot of training sessions you still suffer from consequences of your stroke? There is new hope for patients with chronic stroke!