Support for relatives and caregiver

Where can I get help as a relative or informal caregiver?

A stroke hits most of those affected completely unexpectedly and changes many things in their lives. This is a very difficult situation – both for the patient and for the relatives – and must not be suppressed. Everyone involved must come to terms with the new situation and the consequences (e.g. permanent disability) and get used to the new conditions.

It is important that relatives or informal caregiver also receive help and support. Living with an affected person changes not only the current situation, but often the whole life for all involved.

Signs of depression, anxiety, etc. must be taken seriously and help should be sought. Self-help groups can be a great help for relatives during this time. Within this framework, experiences can be exchanged, and support is offered for questions and problems.

The umbrella organization of stroke self-help groups offers an overview of the representations in the individual federal states and throughout Austria on its website.

On the site of the public health portal of Austria, advice and support is offered to people who care for affected people.

Likewise, the Caritas site provides information on how caregiving relatives can find relief.

Furthermore, the support of relatives becomes an important topic on the website of the Hilfswerk. Frequently asked questions are answered and information for relatives is provided.

The employees of the telephone counselling service are always available for open questions and concerns 24 hours a day.

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