Reports from therapists in rehabilitation after stroke

A speech therapist and an occupational therapist share experiences in rehabilitation and treatment after stroke. They talk about daily practice, share information about the therapy process after a stroke, report on new therapeutic approaches and provide many other relevant insights.

Classic rehabilitation combined with drug therapy and brain stimulation techniques

At the Pirawarth Clinic, in addition to classic rehabilitation, patients also have the opportunity to receive a special treatment method. This so-called triple therapy is a new therapeutic approach that combines three proven treatment options. Currently it is being researched.

Stroke patients talk about their personal experiences

Two patients report how they experienced their stroke, what the initial care was and how they found the way back into their personal everyday lives through special therapies and rehabiitation.

Prim. Winkler answers important questions about stroke

How is the care of stroke patients in Austria? What is important to know about rehabilitation? What role does the relationship between patient and therapist play? These and other important questions are answered by Prim. Winkler in 8 short interviews.

COVID-19 vaccination recommended for stroke patients!

The Ministry of Health and the national vaccination board determined that stroke patients belong to the category of persons with a high or elevated risk to suffer from a COVID-infection with a serious course of the disease. Please get vaccinated as soon as possible!

COVID-19 infection associated with elevated stroke risks!

After a COVID-19 Infection most people recover within a couple of weeks and in most cases without any complications. However, a small percentage of persons may develop serious symptoms like pneumonia or a stroke.

Protect yourself from COVID-19!

Stroke patients belong to a group of high-risk patients and all recommended protection measures should be observed for this group particularly.