Financial support

How can we finance all this?

Often, in addition to all the other worries, financial fears are added to the list for many affected people. Care, which suddenly becomes necessary, aids, which must be procured, as well as a reorganization of the dwelling, which is frequently necessary after a stroke, create additional cost.

In Austria, there are various financial support options that can provide relief to those affected in such situations.

Sickness benefit

If you are unable to work due to your illness, sickness benefit serves as a substitute for the reduction or loss of pay you would otherwise receive from your employer.

If you are entitled to sickness benefit, you must always apply for it in good time. This can be done either by the insured person himself or by an authorized person.

Further information (entitlement, application, amount, etc.) can be obtained from the health insurance fund.

Unemployment benefit

Unemployment benefits support people who are unemployed during the time they are looking for work to secure their financial livelihood. Certain requirements must be met to apply for unemployment benefits.

For more information, please visit the website of the Labor Market Service or the website of the Federal Ministry.

Retraining allowance

If vocational retraining makes sense for the person concerned and is also reasonable, an application for retraining allowance can be submitted via the Labor Market Service.

Rehabilitation allowance

You can apply for rehabilitation allowance if the health impairments are only temporary. However, the disability or occupational incapacity must be present for at least 6 months. In order to ensure financial support during this period, you can apply for rehabilitation allowance from your health insurance fund.

Further information can be found on the website of the health insurance fund and the Chamber of Labor.

Social assistance (minimum security)

Social assistance is financial support intended to ensure the living costs of people with little or no income.

It is regulated differently in the federal states. More information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs or at the respective magistrate or district administration.

Occupational disability or invalidity pension

For some people, the health impairments after a stroke are so severe that it is no longer possible for them to return to work. If a permanent disability or occupational incapacity exists, it is possible for these people to apply for a pension.

There are 3 different designations for this:

More information on this topic can be found on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs or on the website of the Federal Ministry.

Long-term care allowance

In the case of permanent impairments, care allowance can be applied for. This is earmarked for a specific purpose and is used to cover the additional expenses arising from the care required.

The amount of the care allowance depends on the need for care. The number of hours of monthly care required is determined by an assessment by a doctor or nurse.

For more information, visit the Federal Ministry page or the Ministry of Social Affairs page.

Assistance in special circumstances & support from non-governmental organizations   

If you are in a financial emergency situation due to your illness and are thus exposed to social danger, you have the possibility to claim assistance in special life situations.

This assistance can be granted for:

The application is made through the responsible municipality or district administrative authority.

Examples of grants from the provincial governments of Upper Austria and Salzburg can be found in the contact points.

One-time support can also be granted through non-governmental organizations (e.g. Licht ins Dunkel, Caritas, etc.).

Exemptions and reductions

You can apply for various exemptions, such as exemption from prescription fees or broadcasting fees. There are also some reductions, for example from the ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) or also the application for the disabled person’s card disabled person’s card, with which further reductions are connected.

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Help and contact points

Here you will find a collection of the most important contact points that can be helpful.