Protect yourself from COVID-19 – especially if you are a stroke patient

A stroke does not necessarily carry a higher risk for stroke patients to suffer from a Covid 19 infection. But many people who have suffered from a stroke belong to a risk group. Older and especially very old persons have a weakened immune system. All recommended protection measures, which one should follow during these times anyways, should be observed by this risk group particularly.

But also the protection of the whole population is extremely important. The consequences of a Covid 19 infection have been underestimated until now as recent studies conclude that 75% of all patients suffer from various symptoms up to 6 months afterwards.

Mainly prevalent are conditions associated with fatigue and exhaustion as well as problems with concentration and attention. These complaints are summarized as “post-COVID syndrome” and can also be found in younger individuals, regardless of previous illnesses. They are probably caused by an individual course of the disease and an interplay of the immune system with the pathogenic agent.

Protect yourself from a Covid 19 infection and find the updated measures here.