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Life with Stroke

What does it mean to be diagnosed with a stroke? Which therapies exist? How can life be managed after the infarct? This site provides an overview and offers information and support for patients and caregivers

Stroke – What’s next?

Stroke is the most common neurological disease, affecting more than 25.000 Austrians per year and the consequences are serious for patients and their caregivers. An immediate acute treatment is essential in order to reduce the complications. The ensuing rehabilitation treatment should be started as soon as possible. The main goal of all rehabilitation programs is to enable the patient an independent life free of limitations. Even the chronic manifestations of stroke can be treated, lost functions can be further improved.

Videos – Exercises for home-based rehabilitation

Learn to get dressed again independently!

Learn to walk again!

Exercises for the stabilization!

Positioning of patients horizontally!

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A stroke is a serious life-threatening medical condition that happens when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off. When suspecting a stroke call the emergency number immediately. The earlier the patient can be medically treated the higher the chances to avoid longterm negative consequences.

Risks & Prevention

90% of all strokes could be prevented if the related risk factors would eliminated or at least be reduced. How to avoid a stroke?

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Care & SUpport

Often it is not possible anymore that stroke patients can manage their activities of daily living alone. Depending on the patient’s need of care, different possibilities of support are available.


Not only the life of patients is altered after a stroke, it also changes the lives of relatives or informal caregivers. Therefore, it is very important that this group of people has access to different forms of help and support as well.

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News & Stories

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Everyday life & leisure time

Are persons affected by a stroke able once again to do sports, drive a car, travel….? All these questions will be answered in this chapter.

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Support & Contact Points

Where can I get help after a stroke? Who can help me in case specific deficits occur? Here you find the most important contact points.

Andreas Winkler, MD

Initiator Prim. Dr. Andreas Winkler

Primarius Dr. Winkler is an expert in the treatment of stroke patients. The progress of rehabilitation of the affected stroke patients is very important for Dr. Winkler.